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Welcome to Yellow Bird Cognitive Hypnotherapy for adults, teenagers and children.

 You or a loved one may be experiencing feelings of anxiety or low self esteem, suffering panic attacks or feeling controlled by an addiction. Perhaps you are feeling frustrated by a behaviour or fear that is holding you back. It may be that you are not coping very well with a situation and need help to develop your resilience and boost your confidence. You may be experiencing problems with sleeping, weight loss, an eating disorder or want to stop smoking. Are there positive changes that you would like to make in your life? Is something holding you back from being who you want to be, living the life you want to live?

 Whether you wish to break a habit of negative behaviour; improve yourself or you need help during a difficult time in your life, I am more than happy to discuss this with you.

I offer a friendly, professional Cognitive Hypnotherapy service which is completely focused on you. This means that all sessions will be tailor made to take into account your individual values, beliefs and capabilities, leading to the best possible solution for you.

In a relaxed, safe and non-judgemental environment we will work together towards achieving your goals.

I believe that choosing the right therapist for you is important so please take a look at my website. I understand that you may feel apprehensive and nervous therefore I have tried to anticipate some of your questions. The short video below is to give you a brief understanding of what Cognitive Hypnotherapy is about.

 Please do not hesitate to e mail me if you have anything further to ask.

I look forward to meeting you.